Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?  Yucaipa, CA, USA
  • Do you come to us for a mobile detail? No, we do not wash vehicles at your location but we do provide a option to come pick up your vehicle and bring it back to the shop 
  • Do you charge to pick up a vehicle? It will depend on how far we travel to pick up your vehicle 
  • Do we need to set an Appointment to get my car detailed? Yes, please call, text, or email before. We want to make sure that we take the time we need to make your vehicle looking good 
  • What does Hydro Seal do? Hydro Seal uses a Sio2 Silica Dioxide to provide a lasting “Rock Hard” Layer of protection on your paint surface. It creates an Extreme Waterproof Surface that lasts up to 12months
  • Whats the difference between Show Wax and Spray Wax? Show wax is applied with a hand applicator and polished off with a microfiber towel and the Spray Wax is a simple spray and wipe protection 
  • What can I use on leather? The interior cleaner is safe to use on your leather seats
  • Do you have something for my plastic that is fading? Yes, the Satin Shine is perfect for any Plastics, Rubber, Vinyl, and Trim. It will provide a UV protective coating that gives you that “ factory new” look while also providing a non- greasy, low dust accumulation. 

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