Who We Are

Wax Werks California is a Auto Detailing Company based in Yucaipa, CA.  We also provide and use all our own premium car care products on our details. We focus on good quality products and products that are safe on every type of vehicle. We use products on everything from classic and luxury cars to RVs, trailers, motorcycles and off- roading vehicles. Our focus and thrive is based on Classic and Exotic Cars. So if you haven’t found anything that fits your needs for your cars Wax Werks is just for you. Come join our Wax Werks Family and help us grow. 

What We Provide

Wax Werks Provides a complete line of Premium Car Care Products that is safe and tested on my personal cars. We have everything from Car Shampoo, Interior Cleaners, Show Wax, Iron Remover and so much more. Feel free to email and ask about any products you have questions on. We also provide Luxury Auto Detailing at our local shop in Yucaipa, CA. We provide Interior/ Exterior Details, Paint Corrections, Ceramic Coatings, Headlight Restorations, Engine Compartment Detail, and so much more. Every kind of vehicle is welcomed. If you are local and want to set an appointment please email us. If you aren’t local you can purchase products right here on our website.

Why We Are

We are who we are today because I am a very strict person when it comes to putting certain things on my vehicles. I want to make sure everything I put on my vehicles is safe and wont mess up my paint or scratch my vehicles. So i decided to take the step and find and make my own personal products that I know are safe and that are also safe for every vehicle that it gets put on. I wanted to make sure that my vehicle is protected, last a long time and stays looking fresh and brand new like it did when I first bought it. On the detailing side of everything I wanted to make sure everyone leaves satisfied when they get there vehicle detailed. We cover everything even sections a lot of people forget to cover. I take passion in detailing and finding anyway possible for making my vehicles protected and last years down the road.

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